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e-dress science


Lune d’Elle is a stylish digital agency
for the world of science, health and beauty.

As a doctor, a scientist, a chemist…
you know what you are worth!
We shall find your style to let others know.

What if this window were
yours and not mine ?

e-Design is the dress of our time
A mirror only shows your shape

Style gives «e» a soul !

We have to find your style: all experts – in your field or in mine – have the state of the art but why do we say art when it is too often
hi tech but low art ?

This is our secret, and it is how we will help you: let’s meet and talk.

Here’s the story of Lune d’Elle – and how we learned the state of the tech in California the state of the art in Japan and the art of balance in Geneva.

The Brand
Bea Gallay

Show the unseen !

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

― Orson Welles

Our Expertise

The e-world is moving fast :
today, an « e-dress » wraps both written texts and
moving videos with design and branding.

What yours will be like ?



I have to visit your practice to know it.

You have to ask me how I will do it.

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