Non-profit Organization

The Spasmophilie Entraide from Geneva

Non-profit often are shy in being colourful and extravert in their communication.

After a speedy growth durig the first years of its existence, Spasmo-Aide (full name: Spasmophilie Entraide, catering with victims od non-recognized diseases) stalled. One should not wait too long in this crucial moment when the enthusiasm of the early supporters has to cater for a broader public. Only a well-rated website with modern design can do that: Lune dElle had to re-boost, and one can see the change at first sight.


Our goal is to convert casual visitors to supporters and ultimately donors.

The idea here is ensure every single pixel on  screen is accounted for within the new design.  Think about the positive and the negative space, balance and consistency, as well as contrast. The pixels you don’t touch are as important as the ones that do.

This website now provides an optimal user experience to visitors, offering easy reading and navigation, encouraging clients into further engagement.

Professionalism, Commitment, Creativity, and Communication are just some of the qualities that Lune d'Elle has been able to highlight as promised. It has been a pleasure to work with Bea and her team over the past two months to introduce our company and we will certainly recommend their expertise in site development to anyone interested in a successful web presence.

Edith Gallay - President of Spasmophilie Entraide

The company stand out for its unique contribution in ethical and preventive medicine. For best accessibility, is crutial to make it responsive on all devises.

Understanding your audience, providing an engaging experience, delivering the right content with an appealing design that’s true to your brand, inserting appropriate calls to action, these are all the elements that drive donations and empowers supporters to be champions for your cause.



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