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Partnering with a science or health professional to design his/her communication means learning each other’s language. If I will never become a scientist nor a doctor, I have to share his worries, grasp his aims, observe his market. You, on your side, will keep an eye on your global image. Along a few principles, which you can guess, check… but – for lack of time and know-how – not implement : this is our task. Here are the basic principles of a sound – digital and material – communication design.

Two basic principles have already been alluded to (see article: How to attract (and retain) customers ?): be visible, and convince. So far for the what , but another half dozen rules are crucial for the how. Two of them have to cater for the ever changing technical landscape : integration to accomodate with new tools ; responsiveness to keep consistent the image and messages across the various devices. Another two are crucial not to forget the user, and will lead to a third one : customer experience, accessibility, and retention. Two are just technical, but a matter of survival : speed , and security.


See below the seven icons, with their heading.

For an optimized website, there are seven biggest challenges our programmers and designers will follow :

Integration, Accessibility, Responsiveness, Security, User Experience, Speed & Retention


To allow seamless synchronization with third-party applications


To ensure compliance and make website ready for elderly or less privileged.


To serve content across multiple screens and platforms.


To safeguard website against malware, hackers and delusion.

User Experience (UX)

To make sure that the experience is consistently good throughout the website.


To avoid hiccups and slow processing of web pages.


To keep visitors coming back to the website.

Our programmers develop SEO-friendly sites allowing search engine to explore and read pages across it, ensuring a search engine can easily crawl and understand your content, thus increase your visibility in the search engine result pages.

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.”

― Jill Whalen



I have to visit your practice to know it.

You have to ask me how I will do it.

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