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Our team was one step ahead of anyone in Geneva right from the time our founder – Bea Gallay – returned from California in 2003 after studying 3D- animation there. And since then, we worked hard everyday to stay one step ahead, in spite of dozens of new local players learning fast… in particular our former students !

But with time, the step ahead turns more holistic than technical : it is made of experience and maturity. In the age of maturity, the best teachers are the clients : through a two-ways dialogue between you and us, and with an open eye on third-party actors, we can together achieve miracles.

You will see below the vast choice of styles we can implement, and where we shall find and define your own.

Show the unseen !

Not sure how to tell a story with maximum impact ?

We create custom-made storyboards to tell your stories with a magical twist.  Rhythm and music will make your posts and tweets unforgettable, and your messages will beat in your client’s mind for the longest time.

Motion communicates

The advantages of 3D animation start with a higher ability to describe movement. Through 3D animation, we are able to reveal not only the spatial relationships of anatomy but also how that anatomy functions. How is a davi inserted, what is the precise motion of a cell and how do they duplicate?  Because animation allows us to simulate motion, a brief sequence can render concrete a concept or idea that would otherwise remain abtract when explained via verbal dialog or through a series of illustrations.

Visualizing products and devices in development

3D Modeling and Animations can conceptualize a product that is still in the developmental stage. They can bring any idea or concept to life. This can often be the case when a company or an organization is seeking early funding, or preparing other medical professionals for the entry.

Achieving your own Visual “Style”

Being confronted to too much realism when you are explaining things about a surgery, for example, may make some people queasy if they saw a real video of a body part or medical procedure, being exposed to flesh and blood. Using 3D Animation, patients can view a stylized simplified form of visuals that is more appealing. Various 3D textures, particle effects and lighting can produce a ‘softer version of reality.

Manipulating time

Difficult to observe medical procedures can be slowed down or sped up according to your wish. This kind of Animation is particularly helpful when inserting text overlays and labels.

Boost your firm’s image

High-impact, cutting edge digital animation always elevates your company’s image. The added production value of artistic, cutting edge animation can say a lot about your firm. Whether for marketing, sales, training, or educating patients about your services, our Animations give you the possiblility to make your point more clearly, breifly, and convinsly.


Trying to find an original way to send your greetings to your clients ?

Animated corporate cards are a convenient way to send holiday greetings to your clients or customers, but finding what to say or how to say it can be challenging. We’re here to help you say it with class, using high tech animations that will blow your clients away !

“Your mind, your motion and your expression is an animation to marvel and to praise.”

― Bryant McGill



I have to visit your practice to know it.

You have to ask me how I will do it.

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