Dr Pascal Meier

The OpenHeart Magazine

Hard-selling and public health do not fit well together, but health services and medical doctors have to communicate, and sometimes to sell… softly. In this case, Dr Pascal Meier’s « Open Heart Magazine » together with Lune d’Elle opted for a « fun » movie, to convey New Year’s greetings.

This matched well Dr Meier’s usual eccentric touch which he has outlined on social networks. We have helped him pushing his presence one step further on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Impressive work, very talented, her videos and animations are just magical. I can highly recommend Bea, it's a pleasure to work with her, very professional and very experienced.

Who would have guessed medical animations couldn’t be fun!  Dr. Pascal Meier wanted to surprise his followers for his end of the year wishes using a fun animated movie.

Dr. Pascal Meir is the editor in chief of a medical magazine called Openheart.  He’s very present in social medias and enjoyed this eccentric touch in order to reach his readers on the internet.  The video has been seen thousands of times, as he shared it onto different channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Creating a website as an original online business card

As Dr. Pascal Meier is very active online, we developed an online business card with an integrated video that he could easily spread on different social platforms to create a buzz. His videos reached thousand viewers !

Looking for the perfect clever end of the year quote to bring cheer to your colleges and followers?  This is the modern way to stand out and be noticed !



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