Beauty Institute & Aesthetics

The Idalina Institue of Nyon

Design has to be consistent throughout, on and off-line. The “real” shop-window is not gone / ou bien: out-of-business. A graphic designer must be able to cope both with web design and physical design.

The beauty parlor “Idalina” asked us to design their shop window, as well as develop their presence on-line (from web conception to visibility on social networks).
Here you can see our work for the window in the street. The main aim was to convey the “beauty” from the “parlor”, so that passers-by would be enticed to push the door of the “parlor” and get the “beauty”.

The challenge of designing strong window concepts is to not just rely on technology or other mediums to drive the idea, but to use them seamlessly to create strong, thoughtful work that displays a brand and highlights the message that we support.

We developed an original concept offering a unique experience from the street side – bringing a whole new perspective to this beauty salon, catching pedestrians and driver’s eyes from distance.

From paper to your window

A targeted art direction to truly showcase your outstanding store.

Attraction and Retention

Customers are invited to walk into the institute to discover the peacefull environment Idalina beauty salon offers.

Originally set up to entice shoppers through the door, the art of window display has come a long way in the past few years and our goal is to come with original modern ideas to make your store stand out.



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