Breast Cancer

The Geneva State & University Hospital

Visuals on breast cancer, for ladies at the prevention, diagnosis and pre-surgery stages.
Thence, the mix of video, 3-D animation and special effects is useful, as mere video may be too crude for patients facing surgery.

The Cancer Center of the HUG Centers of Excellence has a mission to respond to the needs of all persons affected by cancer, for its prevention, its diagnosis and its treatment. In the video, we explain how breast cancer work and the different steps of its treatments. 

Being confronted to too much realism when you are explaining the procedures to heal cancer may make some women queasy if they saw a real video of a this specific medical procedure, being exposed to flesh and blood. Using 3D Animation, affected patients can be reassured by viewing a stylized simplified form of visuals that is more appealing.

Our models are downloaded from specialized databases, and with the doctors help we choose the perfect 3D models corresponding to our needs. If not available in any databases, for example a prototype that doesn’t exit, we develop and model our own.

There is a whole process of validation after each process. For instance, we first present a mood board, to decide which look and feel of our future animation will have.For example, the client chooses if he wants a cartoonish look, or something more realistic. We then present all models mapped and textured, using small clips displaying the model rotating 360 around himself. position.

Everyday we help women find their way through their healing process towards recovering from breast cancer.



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