Cosmetic & Aestetic surgery

The Feel well Center of Geneva

Our work for this « aesthetics center » relied mostly on the right choice of colors and fonts, in phase with the style of the institute.

This helps for having visitors into the website; but an appointment is proposed before they zap out of the website.
We made sure, too, that viewing would be as smooth on a mobile phone, laptop computer or desktop screen.

Finding a style reflecting the quality of the services his clinic offers was the key. We focused on finding perfect content in order to bring strong visual impacts, highlighting his quality work and success.

This website now provides an optimal user experience to visitors, offering easy reading and navigation, encouraging clients into making an appointment at the clinic.

The overall style of this web design is a site that attracts clients and encourages visitors to take actions. Featuring stunning, breath-taking images and a wonderful use of colors, fonts and graphics, this outstanding design engages the senses and maintains user interest longer. Its clever use of videos, images, colors and font captivates audiences, compelling them to take further action.

I write this paragraph to warmly thank Bea and her team for their amazing work in the design our webpage. Bea understood very quickly our general ideas, added some new others to it, and completed it on schedule with better than expected results. I appreciated a lot your disponibility, artistic sense and open mind. We will certainly continue to collaborate. Thank you!

Dr. Daniel Espinoza - - Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Whether you’re viewing the site from a mobile device, desktop computer or laptop, the same smooth, seamless experience is always offered.



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