Why 3D illustrations ?

25 novembre 2017

Why Use Illustrations?

2D and 3D animations

2D and 3D Animation has come a long way in recent years.

Research shows that when Video is combined with animation, this synergistic pairing can vastly extend the visual capability of 2D images or live-action video. With 3D animation, the view can often see inside, in and around any anatomical or cellular structure.

Motion Communicates

The advantages of 3D animation starts with a superior ability to portray movement. Through 3D animation, we can reveal not only the spatial relationships of anatomy but also how that anatomy functions. How is a coronary artery stented, what is the precise motion of a fetus as it traverses the birth canal? Because animation permits us to simulate motion, a brief sequence can render concrete a concept or idea that would otherwise remain an abstraction when explained via verbal testimony or through a series of illustrations.

Visualizing products and devices in development

3D Animation or 2D Animation can conceptualize a product that is still in the developmental stage. They can bring an idea or concept to life. This can often be the case when a company is seeking early funding, or preparing medical professionals for the entry of a new product just prior to government authorization.

Achieving your own Visual “Style”

Sometimes seeing too much realism when you are explaining things about the human body for example may make some people queasy if they saw a video of a body part or medical procedure. Using 3D Animation, viewers can view a stylized simplified form of visuals that is more appealing. Various 3D textures, particle effects and lighting can produce a ‘sanitized’ version of reality.

Manipulating time

Hard to observe medical procedures can be slowed down or sped up to your taste. This kind of Animation is particularly useful when inserting text overlays and labels

Boost your company’s image

High-impact, cutting edge animation always elevates your company’s image. The added production value of artistic, cutting edge animation can say a lot about your organization. Whether for marketing, sales, training, or educating the general public about your services, Lune d’Elle Animations give you the ability to make your point more clearly, concisely, and convincingly.

At Lune d’Elle we specialize in providing the following:

– Video Production

– 3D Animation and 3D Renderings

– Medical Animation and Video Marketing

– Animation from concept-to-completion