How to attract customers

25 novembre 2017

How to attract (and retain) customers ?

The rules of the communication game are at least three, but all the art is to merge them into a single result.

The first aim is to be noticed (by the target public); the second one is to convince (the viewers and readers); the third one is to retain (the viewers as customers).

This is why a designer must think « seamless »: keep each channel  « in phase » with each other. A client must keep in mind all these facets of communication, and discuss them with the designer from the onset.

In the health or beauty sector, communication and advertising can be a double-edged weapon. First, because a « double-edged »weapon still is a weapon, and aggressive promotion may bruise both the patient and the doctor, or the client and the brand. Then, in such fields with high scientific expectations – near magic indeed – an image not soon backed by results will backfire.

Customers, clients, patients will come and stay if they feel that the design dresses a… “healthy body” of knowledge: with you, I shall learn more about your science, with me, you will listen more to the public!


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