25 novembre 2017

Why Lune d’Elle as a Brand ?

In French, the sound Lunedelle has two meanings, depending how you spell it: L’une d’elles means One of them;  but Lune d’elle means Her Moon.

Lune d’Elle – the name says it all – is not after stardom: stars are all alike bright but far and cold. In moondomwe trust: the Moon has moods, phases, shades…

In business, one has to be both a part of one’s society, and have a grain of dream or fancy. The twin sens of Lune d’Elle means feet on earth but eyes open to the sky… which, people say, is the best of both worlds a hi-tech trained girl can offer her clients!

My art and tech story

As a 3D animator expert, I often found that computer images lacked style; as a graphic artist, I noted that hi-tech tools could help.
But merging the best of both worlds – tech and style – doesn’t happen by chance. More than a mere cv, I have a genealogy: my grandparents were artists, my parents were scientists…


My own life is firmly rooted in both art and science.


In leading California, I caught state of the tech computer graphics; in sober Japan, I saw that less is more when with the right state of the art. In Europe, I learned to balance all of this, and matured my own style. And in the Moon, I freed my soul of all wares, hard or soft.


Tech alone has no style… art alone has no means… but I wake up each morning hearing artists speak to my mind, and feeling scientists move my fingers. And to keep feet on earth and breath fresh air, my dog and my horse horses take me out. The digital expert of the future can’t be a child of (hard or soft) wares, which gives birth to mere clones: for me, even AI is… surely not a big brother, but a little one, to be raised… and tamed!!