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e-dress science


Lune d’Elle is a stylish creative agency
for the world of science, health and beauty.

As a doctor, a scientist, a chemist…
you know what you are worth!
We shall find your style to let others know.

What if this window were
yours and not mine ?

e-Design is the dress of our time
A mirror only shows your shape

Style gives «e» a soul !

We have to find your style: all experts – in your field or in mine – have the state of the art but why do we say art when it is too often
hi tech but low art ?

This is our secret, and it is how we will help you: let’s meet and talk.

Here’s the story of Lune d’Elle – and how we learned the state of the tech in California the state of the art in Japan and the art of balance in Geneva.

The Brand
Bea Gallay

A mix of digital, print and concept arts.  All the things that we do for a living.
Or should we say – we live to do.

Show the unseen !

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

― Orson Welles

Our Expertise

The e-world is moving fast :
today, an « e-dress » wraps both written texts and
moving videos with design and branding.

What yours will be like ?



I have to visit your practice to know it.

You have to ask me how I will do it.

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